Pharmacy 1st paper

1)      Describe the history of homoeopathic pharmacopoeia. 09

2)      Write down the difference between homoeopathic pharmacy and pharmacopoeia. 09, 07 what is pharmacopoeia. 07

3)      Who was dr. caspari? Describe the role of him in homoeopathic pharmacy. 08

4)      Define homoeopathic pharmacy. 06

5)      Mention the specialty and originality of homoeopathic pharmacy. 08, 06

6)      In context of national health budget what role homoeopathic pharmacy can play. 08

7)      Write down the pharmacopoeia in vague. 07

8)      Knowledge of pharmacopoeia develops the knowledge of material medica explain. 07

9)       a. Write down the name and uses of one important instrument uses in homoeopathic labrotary. 09b. Write down the name of five important instruments used in homoeopathic laboratory and their uses. 06 c. Make a list of ten common instruments used for an ideal homoeopathic pharmaceutical laboratory. 08

10)  Describe the environment of ideal hooeopathic pharmaceutical laboratory. 08

11)  What do you mean by homoeopathic labrotary?describe the site and environment of an ideal homoeopathic laboratory. 07

12)  Write down the main and modern source of homoeopathic drugs with example. 09, 07

13)  What is the deference between drug and medicine? 09, 07 what is drug. 07

14)  What do you mean by drug? How and when drug substances are to be collected. 07

15)  What are the purpose of identification and purification of homoeopathic drugs? 07

16)  Differentiate between drug, medicine and remedy. 08

17)  How homoeopathic drugs are stored and preserved. 08

18)  Explain drug and homoeopathic drug not the same. 07

19)  Define vehicle and classify it. 09, 07

20)  Define alcohol and classify it (06) with example. 08

21)  Describe the characteristic of an ideal vehicle. 09, 07

22)  What is fermentation?  08 Describe the preparation of ethanol from molasses. 06 b. how will prepared ethanol from molasses. 08

23)  Write down the preparation of sugar of milk. 09

24)  Describe the method of preparation of mother tincture by Macoration method. 09

25)  What is mother tincture? How many type of modern method to prepare mother tincture and what are those?

26)  What are the merits and demerits of preparation of mother tincture in modern method? 07

27)  Describe the methods of preparation of mother tincture from the plants contain small amount of juice according to the old method. 07

28)  Write down the advantages and disadvantages of modern old methods for preparation of mother tincture. 09

29)  What is potentization? 08 What are the difference between potentization and dilatation?  07 Mention the difference scales of potentization.  09, 08

30)  What is potentization. Potentization of drug is not a simple matter- explain. 06

31)  Describe the method of potentization in L.M scale. 08

32)  Discuss the importance of potentization. 09

33)  Describe the methods of preparation of medicine according to the new method. 07

34)  How will you convert triturated medicine in to liquid medicine? 07

35)  What is trituration? Describe the preparation of trituration according to centesimal scale. 06

36)  Discuss how will you estimate the moisture content of a drug by water bath. 06

37)  Write down the preparation of mother tincture in class four in old method. 06

38)  Write down the difference between potency and dose. 07

39)  What do you mean by 6x, 6and m/6 07

40)  What is preservation? What is utility? 07

41)  Explain the general rules of preservation of drugs. 07

42)  Narrate the process of preservation of homoeopathic potentised medicine. 07

43)  What is succession? Explain the scientific basis of it. 08

                Describe different theories. 06

44)  How will you estimate the size of globules with their medication? 08

45)  What do you mean by decimal and centesimal scale of potentisation? How do they differ? 08

46)  What do you understand by drug and medicine? Write down the names of two prepared from bee and cockroach. 09 Write down the names of one medicine from each of the following. 08 (fruits, dogs milk,, honey bee, spore, cockroach)

47)  Describe the difference scales of potentization of drug.

48)  What do you mean by homoeopathic laboratory? Mention the necessity of homoeopathic laboratory. 09

49)  Explain the general rules of preparation of homoeopathic drugs. 09

50)  Write short notes:

  • Hydrometer 09
  • Alkaloid 09, 07
  • Distillation 09
  • Rectified spirit 09
  • Water bath 09, 07
  • Proof sprit 07
  • Active constituents of drug 08
  • Purity test of suger of milk 08
  • Estimation of moisture contents of drug 08
  • Difference between potentisation and dilution 08
  • Mechanism of action of homoeopathic drug 06
  • Varity of ethyl alcohol 06
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using distilled water 06
  • Maceration 06

Dr.Md. Ferdous

Lecturer-HBA Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital

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