Definition of Piles or Hemorrhoids: 

Piles is generally called  hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids occurs when tissues of anal canal be  inflamed  by any reasons like constipation , internal ulcer, psoric miasm and so on. . They are contained  blood vessels, tissue, muscle, and elastic fibers.

Causes of Piles: 

1.Sycosis and Psoric Miasms

2.Chronic constipation , severe  chronic diarrhea, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or straining when passing a stool.

Symptoms of Piles:

In most cases, the symptoms of piles are not serious. They normally resolve on their own after a few days.

An individual with piles may experience the following symptoms:

  • A hard, possibly painful lump may be felt around the anus. It may contain coagulated blood. Piles that contain blood are called thrombosed external hemorrhoids.
  • After passing a stool, a person with piles may experience the feeling that the bowels are still full.
  • Bright red blood is visible after a bowel movement.
  • The area around the anus is itchy, red, and sore.
  • Pain occurs during the passing of a stool.

Piles can escalate into a more severe condition. This can include:

  • excessive anal bleeding, also possibly leading to anemia
  • infection
  • fecal incontinence, or an inability to control bowel movements
  • anal fistula, in which a new channel is created between the surface of the skin near the anus and the inside of the anus
  • a strangulated hemorrhoid, in which the blood supply to the hemorrhoid is cut off, causing complications including infection or a blood clot



2.Fluid or liquid  drinks not soft drink

3. Apple



Homoeopathic Treatment :

  • Aesculus hippocastanum.
  • Graphites. …
  • Nux vomica. …
  • Pulsatilla. …
  • Sulphur. …
  • Arnica montana. …
  • Calcarea fluorica.

Dr.Md. Ferdous

Lecturer-HBA Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital

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